First Direct Taxis in Christchurch, as of October 9th, are pleased to announce that our fleet of taxis are now operating using the SmartMove taxi dispatch system. All our taxis have been fitted with this new cloud based technology and work is returning to normal.

Managing Director Mark Bramston said “After the cyber-attack on Sept 25th we were faced with a tough decision. Rebuild what we had or take the big step and move our business into the cloud. Our Taxi Customers and our Fleet Operators and their drivers were hurting and our business needed to show a real commitment to improvement and better service. So, after 8 days of frantic work and very long hours by our staff and suppliers we have completely refitted the taxi fleet and our Contact Centre.  We are now ready to lead the change in taxi services in Christchurch. I want to offer special thanks to our staff for their dedication and hard work over 8 long days. Our fleet endured the change and continued to service Christchurch during the change-over. To all our Operators and their drivers – Thank you for your patience and your continued focus on our customers. To all our customers inconvenienced during this changeover we offer an apology and a commitment to better services using this new cloud based technology.”

Mr Lawless, First Direct’s Chief Operating Officer is pleased that the new SmartMove system will enable the First Direct taxi fleet to rapidly bring many new features and services to the Christchurch market. This has started with a new electronic metering system, which is being commissioned now and should be completed by the end of October.

First Direct customers will benefit from the many improved features that are now possible and will be launched through an advertising campaign over the coming weeks. First Direct will also be working with new suppliers to bring innovative services and prices to Christchurch to help us grow. This innovation and cooperative approach to service is made possible by our move into the Cloud and the new environment created by recent NZ legislative changes.

Mr Lawless said, “Our thanks should also go to the team at SmartMove for their support and faultless delivery during the changeover. It is amazing what can be achieved with team work."

Additional information can be obtained by contacting David Lawless on +64 65601057

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